Always wear a helmet

This time eight years ago my hands were wrapped around my breaks, clamped like claws. I was gripping so tight I could smell the rubber on the breaks burning. It's efforts were futile as I was descending down Ethiopia's blue nile gorge at 30mph, gasping a sigh of relief at every hairpin turn that I hadn't crashed. And then I saw a truck chugging up the mammoth hill. A scattering of gravel lay between him and me and I had visions of me skidding, losing control and sliding underneath his 20 tonne weight. The naked cliff edge on my right dropped a couple thousand feet below. So, I threw myself into the rock face on my left to avoid the truck and prevent any free diving down into the Blue Nike river. I blacked out for a few moments and then woke to hordes of legs around me. A local Ethiopian wrapped my head in bandage and chucked me on the next passing bus, where chickens flapped their wings freely by my feet, en route to the Addis Ababa hospital. At least I got to skip the burn of climbing the 3000ft up on the other side. I was also not wearing a helmet πŸ™„#naughty #alwayswearahelmet #ethiopia

bloody head.jpg