What you do is fantastic
— HRH Prince Edward
Inspiring. Enchanting. Entertaining. Excellent
— International School Paris
There need to be more Lindsey Coles in the world
— the Adventure Travel Show

Key note: Adventure is my medicine


Lindsey's life of adventure started after she began self-harming because she didn't know how to process losing her dad suddenly. An accident that led her to A&E made her realise that she needed to stop. Signing up to the London Triathlon helped her channel her energy and although she hadn't ridden a bike in ten years and struggled, her spirits soared when she crossed that finish line. She cycled to Paris to utilise her training, and then the length of Britain and down the African continent to make the World Cup.  Adventure became Lindsey's medicine whenever she was depressed or lost and at the end of each journey she felt quite invincible.  She has run with Kenyans, roller skated across Britain and walked through the Australian Outback amongst other journeys. Lindsey never feels more alive than venturing through a world unknown.  

Urban Mermaid

Miles from shore, whilst learning to free dive in Indonesia, Lindsey cut her hand on a clear piece of plastic. Turning around she discovered she was surrounded by hundreds of tiny pieces of indestructible man-made fibre. She was devastated. Mono finning is a discipline of free diving so she donned a mermaid tail and swam the length of the River Thames to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Accompanying her was her support canoe, with a 6-foot mermaid sculpture made from 600 upcycled bottles. The pair collected waste along the way and put their findings into the sculpture, to highlight how we're quite literally choking our mermaids and creatures in our water with plastic. 

Walking the rabbit proof fence

Depressed and bed bound with a broken leg in Byron Bay, Lindsey only had a stack of films and books for entertainment. The Rabbit Proof Fence- a story about three young Aboriginal girls' incredible 1000 mile journey home, made its way into that pile and put life into perspective for her. She used that perspective once again when she found herself self-harming to process the grief of losing her dad, and threw herself into adventure. The end of one adventure led to another and nine years later Lindsey returned to Australia to retrace the journey of those girls who had inspired her many times before.

Truck tales


Having completed the best adventure of her life, Lindsey was reluctant to get a plane back to Perth in 90 minutes, when it had taken her three months to walk the Rabbit Proof Fence. So, she hitchhiked with truck drivers. They were kind, caring, had incredible stories and totally dispelled any misconception she had had of them. Ten years beforehand, her dream to go all the way round Australia in her van ended early when her dad suddenly passed away. Not wanting her adventure to end, she decided to circumnavigate the continent, but this time with truck drivers. She collected their heart-warming stories along the way. 

Other things Lindsey likes to talk about:

  • Adventure and endurance

  • Sustainability and environment

  • Women empowerment

  • Overcoming adversity

  • Getting to the start line of an adventure, dream or job

  • ADHD

  • Courage, resilience and determination

  • Rewiring your brain

  • Courage, resilience and determination

  • Self-harm and bereavement

Who does Lindsey speak to?

EVERYONE. Whether your audience is dinosaur onesie wearing pre-schoolers, 96 year-old retirement home inhabiters or those that like to wear suits to work, we can assure you that Lindsey has a story that will inspire, entertain and tickle their toes.

Nice things people have said

Dear Lindsey-the-super-fantastic-mind-boggling-exploring-adventurer, My life is now complete because you taught me to never put aside my dreams and go adventuring and do crazy stuff and scare my mum.
— Tim, 12, Essex
Lindsey was so inspiring and uplifting. She encouraged our students to follow their dreams without the fear of failure, clearly leaving an indelible mark on them as they were talking about her for weeks.
— Little Ilford School, London
Lindsey is a wonderful story teller, so rare and treasured in todays world of instant and superfast. Inspiring , powerful yet so down to earth and human, the Tribe loved every minute of her talk and couldn’t get enough out of her.
— The Onion Coworking Space, Ubud, Bali
While many people hope to follow in the footsteps of their heroes, few are willing to trek 1600km through Western Australia’s inhospitable outback to do so. Yet, that is what British adventurer, Lindsey Cole did.
— The Australian

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