There is nothing more I love than sharing tales of adventures that i fell in love with, to inspire, motivate or encourage others. 

Whether you're a 3 year-old pre-schooler or a 96 year-old retirement home inhabiter- I can assure I have a story to tell to enthuse your audience. 

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In this impassioned and effervescent talk Lindsey takes students on her journey through the highs and lows of being an adventurer. From run ins with wild camels to being alone on top of a mountain, Lindsey will inspire students to think big, out of the box and have the courage to take on new challenges head on. Her story of stepping out of her comfort zone encourages students to reconsider what they’re capable of.

Lindsey uses these messages, enthusiasm and energy to make a long lasting impact on her audiences.

In this talk students will:

  • be encouraged to seize the moment and chase their dreams;

  • learn that they can emerge wiser and stronger from set backs;

  • believe that anything is possible when they put their mind to it, and;

  • never be afraid to try something new.

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What people are saying

Dear Lindsey-the-super-fantastic-mind-boggling-exploring-adventurer, My life is now complete because you taught me to never put aside my dreams and go adventuring and do crazy stuff and scare my mum.
— Tim, 12, Essex
Lindsey was so inspiring and uplifting. She encouraged our students to follow their dreams without the fear of failure, clearly leaving an indelible mark on them as they were talking about her for weeks.
— Little Ilford School, London
While many people hope to follow in the footsteps of their heroes, few are willing to trek 1600km through Western Australia’s inhospitable outback to do so. Yet, that is what British adventurer, Lindsey Cole did.
— North West Telegraph
Lindsey’s charismatic style of delivery gripped the students and left them talking about her endeavours and photos. A truly enchanting and inspiring assembly, enjoyed by the staff and indeed the students.
— Ackley Wood School, Bucks, UK
Lindsey is a wonderful story teller, so rare and treasured in todays world of instant and superfast. Inspiring , powerful yet so down to earth and human, the Tribe loved every minute of her talk and couldn’t get enough out of her.
— The Onion Coworking Space, Ubud, Bali