Lindsey Cole meet Lindsey Cole

‘Oh, did you register yourself?’ Asked Marie, the lady who organised the lecture series for #ecoleinternationaledegeneve, when I asked to see the list of those who’d signed up from outside the school. Half way down the list were two tickets assigned to ‘Lindsey Cole.’ 
‘Hmmm, maybe accidentally, I didn’t mean to.’ I replied.
It’s been quite a few months since I’ve delivered a talk on walking the rabbit proof fence. Writing and mermaiding have slightly got in the way. I welled up slightly watching one of my videos play out showing how I nattered away with Trevor my trolley, and got in a huff with Philomena the fence, when she disappeared into the wild untamed bush and I couldn’t find her. 
A lady approached me and thanked me at the end of my talk. 
‘So,’ she began enthused and a touch red cheeked, ‘my name’s Lindsey Cole. Spelt the same as yours actually. My friend saw this posted and asked if it was me. I said ‘no’ but thought I have to come and check out the other Lindsey Cole.’ 
I’ve never met a Lindsey Cole before. Especially spelt my way. I love serendipitous moments. That’s really quite wonderful isn’t it?! ❤️❤️❤️