“there should be more Lindsey Cole's in the world.” Mark at the Adventure Travel Show

Event Speaking

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Whether it's an auditorium full of 1000 people or a humble crowd sat on hay bales miles from civilisation, I tailor my energetic talks for your event. [Be warned I can be energetic!]

2019 Events

Check out some of the public events I'm speaking at this year and be sure to say hello if you're attending too. Or, if you'd like me to come and tell stories at your event then do get in touch.

Topics I like to talk about:

  • ADHD

  • Rewiring your brain

  • Channeling negative energy into something positive

  • Self-harm

  • Getting to the start line of an adventure, dream or job

  • Sustainability and environment

  • Adventure and endurance

  • Overcoming adversity

  • Women empowerment

  • Courage, resilience and determination

Well, that’s a nice thing to say…

“Just thought I'd let you know that there should be more Lindsey Cole's in the world.” Mark, who approached me as I was leaving The Adventure Travel Show

“In the world of adventure there really is no one else like Lindsey Cole. Her tales are always unique, entertaining and personal and as a speaker she knows perfectly how to engage her audience and craft her stories in such a way it makes you feel like you were there with her. It's always a delight having Lindsey at Yes Stories.” Andy Bartlett, Yes Stories

“Lindsey speaks with passion, humour, humility and a sense of fun about her fantastic variety of adventures.” Al Humphries, Night of Adventure

“ One of the funniest, saddest and most entertaining talks I have ever been to - Lindsey was truly wonderful. Great night.” Explorers Connect

“You're my favourite speaker. You lit up the room and had everyone in stitches as well as tears.” Kate, event goer at Women's Adventure Expo

If you’d like to book me for your event or have any questions please get in touch.