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Lechlade primary in my mermaid tail

Lechlade primary in my mermaid tail

Jigalong, Western Australia

Jigalong, Western Australia

International school of geneva

International school of geneva

I've visited hundreds of schools in deserts, rainforests and concrete jungles all round the world, telling students about my tales. Their responsive enthusiasm helps me write my book and keeps me going if I'm lost in the bush. From a 4-year old asking me if mermaids eat fish, to a 16 year-old boy messaging to thank me for my story and said toxic masculinity forced him to hold it together- I get as much energy out as i put into my talks.


writing Workshop

writing Workshop

My adventurous career started when I struggled after losing my dad, and I share how I channelled that negative energy into so many positives. The Aboriginal girls in Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence- the book that helped inspire me, were courageous, determined and resilient. I show how i too, have embodied these characteristics on my journeys and encourage students to be strong and brave and chase their dreams.


Using films and hi-quality images my talks are tailored to fit your time frame: from 15 minutes to an hour. And if you like conservation, art or writing workshops I can keep your students busy all day. I also tailor workshops to running themes of the school term.

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Here’s a few nice things Heads, teachers and pupils have said

“We were so lucky to have Lindsey visit us in Paris. Some of the parents came to listen because they knew her story and described her as electric.” International School of Paris

“You really inspired our girls to learn that positive things can come from set backs.” Ipsley COE, Reddich

"I was personally moved by Lindsey's story and I know our girls were. Her workshop on courage was thought provoking, intelligent and inspiring and girls were really fortunate to have met her.” Royal Masonic School for Girls, Rickmansworth

“Our students were so excited to meet the Urban Mermaid. Some dressed up as unicorns and mermaids and talked about it for weeks.” Unicorn School, Abingdon

“It was great to learn about Lindsey's project before she swam the Thames. We followed her all the way and used her project and wrote reports in our English class.” Lechalde Primary

“We don't get many guest speakers out here in Jigalong, especially ones who walk here. It's such an inspiring story and it was so moving to hear Lindsey share it with us.” Jigalong Remote Community School, Western Australia

“I don't believe did all that with only her trolley Trevor. Well, if she did then she's amazing. I hope to be as brave as her one day.” Tom, Barratta Primary, Western Australia

“Lindsey was so inspiring and uplifting. She encouraged our students to follow their dreams without the fear of failure, clearly leaving an indelible mark on them as they were talking about her for weeks.” Little Ilford, Essex

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