Truck Tales

Australia, 2017

Circumnavigating Australia with Truck Drivers

After walking the Rabbit Proof Fence in 2016, I could not bring myself to fly back to Perth in 60 minutes, when It had taken me ten whole weeks to walk. So, I hitch hiked with truck drivers. They were wonderful. So kind, gentlemanly and full of fascinating tales. They all wanted to help get me back to Perth and if they couldn't they'd get on their 2-way radios and ask around if anyone else could help me. They totally dispelled any misconceptions i had of them.

Ten years before, I had this wonderful van named Larry, with blue painted waves running along his side, when I was backpacking Australia. He was my first home and I loved him. My plan was to circumnavigate the whole country with him. But, our journey ended in Cairns from Sydney, when I received the call to say my Dad had suddenly died.

Fast forward 10 years, a light bulb pinged alight in my head where my last trucky dropped me off at the Perth train station, and I waited for my friend to pick me up. Well, I’ll just do it with truck drivers. And even better, I’ll collate some great stories.


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