A year ago today.......

A year ago today I woke up in Jigalong for the first time, having spent the previous ten weeks and 1600km walking there. I can't quite believe it's been a year. It really has been like grieving for a lover, I didn't want my time with it to finish. I get quite emotional thinking about my time on the fence.

Jigalong was incredible. I was met by Molly's daughter, taken in by her family and they even took me honey ant hunting. Maria took me to see where Molly and Doris lay to rest, which was quite wonderful to see them side by side, after being forcibly removed from each other and separated for all those years. Meeting Daisy, who made the same journey 86 years ago, was quite a momentous occasion.

Today, is also the 10th anniversary of my dad passing away, and totally coincidental that I arrived into Jigalong around this time. I read Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence a couple of months before he suddenly died and when I found times difficult I looked at Molly's character for a douse of strength, courage and determination inspiration. Molly walked the fence twice in her life.

She really was quite a remarkable human being.