The Australian

My phone pinged, incessantly, as I was ploughing through the red dirt of the Simpson Desert, headed for Alice Springs. I've left the Camel Camp for a few days, where I've been training as a Cameleer with Australian Desert Expeditions for the last month. I've been instructed to wash the gorgeous golden filth off the Land Cruiser and pick up the next guests who will be headed out on their walking trek alongside our wonderful camels. 

A cloud of red smoke fills the sky, so I pull over to wait for my colleauge, and check my phone. It's really quite therapeutic not having reception. 

'Linds, I work for the Australian. We'd like to do a story on you. Please call me. Greg.' I called Greg the next day. 'Sounds great.  I'm going back into the Simpson for another month, and then im hitching with trucks from Alice to Sydney. Shall i let you know when i get there?!' 

Greg stayed in touch and dropped me a line every now and then 'How you getting on Linds?' I updated him on my trucking exploits, which i feel I had now mastered- all of which from Alice to Sydney had been set up for me and I didn't spend more than a few minutes at any truck stop. I was quite proud of that, and I'd tell him. 

The Australian journalist had spent a year driving round Australia with his young family and wrote a book about it. He liked me story and I felt quite familiar with him when we finally met and he interviewed me. It's always quite nerve wracking when someone writes a story on you (although it's not actually happened much to me), but I'm pretty happy with what Greg came up with...

lindsey cole