Channel 9 Today Show

This morning I chatted to Channel 9's Today Show about my journey on Truck Tales and why I'm doing it. I've never watched Wolfcreek. I didn't think there's a need to scaremonger my self. The main purpose of the trip was to dispel people's misconceptions of truckies, like they did of my own preconceived thoughts when I hitched with them after walking the Rabbit Proof Fence. Most people generally are wonderful and kind when given the chance. Like one trucky said, 'Ah yeh, there are some feral truckies out there for sure, giving us a bad name. But, there's bad apples in all professions.' And there sure are. But, why always be wary of them, and not focus on the brilliant green, shiny Granny Smiths, who have so much to offer. Maybe to some, it's a bit far fetched to spend almost 200 hours sharing a cabin to make the point. But, I've really enjoyed it and am now carrying on. All the way back to Sydney. Hopefully.