Thank you 17 truckies of Australia

To Ford, Peter and Peter, Adam, Country, Jimmy, Slim, Sean, Karl, Cec, Matty, Shane, Shane, Joel, Trev, Bruce, Sam and Paul, the dearest, darling 17 truckies of Australia, who gave me a lift round the edge, down the guts, and along a bit further......
I'm packing my bags and getting ready to leave this wonderful country that you guys kindly trucked me about in, once and for all. Big fat sob. 
Thank you so much to every one of you for being so kind in giving me a lift, giving me an insight into your hard working office life and welcoming me into your wonderful community. You were all brilliant. Just brilliant!!! 
I travelled 16000kms in Kenworths, Macks(favourite), Western Stars, a Ford (least favourite) and a Cat. I spent 260+ hours in Prime Mover cabins with the best view of seeing the country. I have seen some of the best and worst roadhouses, and spent more than a whole week's worth of hours sat in them. I have heard wonderful stories and will hopefully get round to putting them all together so you and others can see how great you all are. And, more importantly I have a new kareoke song go to, thanks to CW McCall.
Hope our paths cross again. Maybe when I'm next in Australia, I won't need to travel by plane/train but big fat ROAD TRAINS!!!!


thanks truckies.jpg
lindsey cole