When I first started digging around for research on the Rabbit Proof Fence and Molly, Daisy and Gracie's story, I came across a stunning Polaroid of daisy with her story etched on the left of her profile. It was taken by @tobiastitzphotography in a series he made in 2009. So, I got in touch with to ask if he knew anymore. A few years later I finally plucked up the balls to head to Australia- still not really knowing much about the route or the fence. I joined a group who were walking in the Pilbara (the area I'd be finishing in) in protest of a uranium mine. One evening, round a campfire all the newbies exchanged names. 
'Ah, great, so you made it then?' The guy on my left said. It was Tobias. we were coincidently sat next to each other, in the middle of the desert, not knowing each other would be there. We became good friends and I stayed with him in Melbourne as I passed through on my Truck Tales journey. At the time, i was bloody exhausted, wondering why on earth i was circumnavigating the massive country with trucks. But, I feel very privileged to have been poloroid'ed by the talented award winning snapper and in the style he took of daisy that got us first connected.