The mermaid of Alcatraz

See ya later San Francisco. An evening flight meant there was time to squeeze in just one more mermaid swim near the Golden Gate Bridge. 

I had a pretty low spell in April- a severe case of imposter syndrome, self doubt and self loathing brought on from spending a lot of time on my own trying to write a bloomin' book, gave my mental health a right ol' bashing. Submerging into Hyde Park's Serpentine and hanging with the crazy loops that it attracts made my fuzzy head wash right away. I LOVE swimming in cold, wild water. It makes me feel wonderfully stupendous. 

And I now know what to do if those sad days creep in unexpectedly- why grab my tail and run for a puddle of open water of course. 

The bridge may have been smothered with a misty fog this morning but my head was as clear and sparkling as a freshly poured glass of agua con gas with a twist of lime. 

Ciao ciao San Fran πŸ‘‹