All about mum

She doesn’t really like it when I tell her the night before ‘hey mum, I’m gonna roller skate to bude tomorrow in this’ holding up a nude coloured suit. Or, ‘So, I’ve decided I am going to Australia to retrace the Rabbit Proof Fence story. Don’t worry, I’ll pull out if it gets too tough though.’ Or when she walked in on me pouring over google maps looking at the African continent and said ‘I don’t like this Lindsey, what do you think you’re doing now?’ As the next month I cycled the length of Africa to make the 2010 World Cup. 
But, whatever I do, she’s always there either on the river bank in her red felt beanie, or sharing my posts with all of her 4 Facebook friends (one of which is me), or brushes out my dreads with the cat comb afterwards. My mum really is my best friend and my own personal hero. I really like this photo. Thanks @ninasaada

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