Cooey Henry

Cooey, henry, you in there?’ I gave #hamptoncourt a wave as we passed by on our penultimate day. Ahh, good bye Henry. Good bye Thames. Good bye 2x wetsuits, 2x pairs of gloves, 2x pairs of boots and a hood peeling on and off every day. Good bye 5 degree water which my body surprisingly got used to. Good bye 4 hours a day swimming and mermaiding. Good bye tail. Good bye Urban Mermaid. And, more importantly, hopefully goodbye single-use plastics. Let’s all make a conscious effort to buy and use less so we can stop choking our mermaids. Anyone keen? (Written from the comforts of lying on a couch, under a warm blanket) Zoggs UK Finisterre needESSENTIALS Wetsuits Wyatt & Jack And Keep Hatha Paddle Boards @change_robe Mooncup

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