Aye caramba, the adventure blues

Dipping into the 7 degree Thames was really bloody daunting on our first day. So daunting that the thought of doing it made me projectile vomit as I tried to slip a spoonful of creamy mushroom spaghetti into my mouth the night before. (Note to self and others experiencing pre match/game/adventure/exam/date/whatever nerves, don’t order something creamy.)
However, by the last week I was splashing about, showing off flipping my tail in the air, waving at passers by, sat in the water eating pizza, letting dogs lick my face and chin wagging with rowers, and of course swimming, for more than 4 hours in one stint in that 7 degree water. I really quite liked it and dreaded the thought of finishing as the Thames felt like my home. Quite funny that- scared to start, but then it becomes so normal that you become scared of finishing. 
And now, that dreaded thing has happened that always happens after a great adventure and that I always try and pretend won’t happen. The adventure blues. Aye caramba!
πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈWhat’s next?
πŸ¦„ Where will I live?
πŸŽ…πŸΎ What will I do for work?
🐧 Hurry up and write your f’ing book.
πŸ¦” How long can I close my eyes for in the morning and wish for the day to pass by so I can have longer to wonder β€˜what’s next.’

.....It always happens. I really should know. making life decisions is unnecessarily overwhelming. Perhaps I should start thinking that making life decisions are like that time I tried to swim 10km in valencia- buoy by buoy. Or, dipping into the Thames- being able to handle it for longer day by day.

Each day gets easier as you progress, but the start is so bloody overwhelming. πŸ“· @aligeorgephotography

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