Cover girl

Pretty proud, chuffed and honoured for my smug mug and tail to share the front cover of this month’s @outdoorswimmer mag with machine and legend @rossedgley. And, inside is my beaut of a friend adventure queen @annamcnuff and new friend who joined me in the Thames @belgokatia. I’m yet to find a community and sport more friendly and welcoming than wild open swimming. I called those that jumped in with us the Thames Angels. It was like we’d been friends for years as they appeared randomly and unplanned from behind some rural reeds calling out ‘mind if I join you?’ before jumping in. Theyd bury their heads in the 6 degree water to wake up and then we’d chill out over a leisurely breaststroke whilst we discussed life. Sometimes I didn’t even get to see their face as they were armoured with hats and goggles. I’ve since connected with various wild swimmers all round the country and world and have planned swims. Wild swimming doesn’t just make you feel mentally and physically wonderful, the minute you jump in you’re instantly in the club and have an army of comrades waiting to join you at your request ❤️❤️❤️🧜‍♀️

Ps- if anyone would like to try wild swimming but is a bit nervous then message me #wildswimming #riverthames #outdoorswimming#outdoorswimmingsociety