Different sleeping positions of the camel at night

In Britain, we comment on the weather, alot. If its sunny, windy, rainy, overcast. We also have hundreds of words and phrases for rain, because we have so many different types of it. We're also such a small island and have three times as many people as Australia does that you're never really far from a town or civilisation. So, we have a lot of light pollution. With frequent overcast skies and light pollution it's quite hard to notice the twinkly stars up there that shine so brilliantly above. 

I was mesmerised by them in the Australian desert. They're incredible. I'd lie for hours with my head poking out of my swag, before my eyes reluctantly closed, taking in their fine beauty. 

In my last week at Camel Camp I wanted to get the perfect shot of my favourite camel in front of the night sky. In the end I came up with this. I must have taken about 100 images and realised Mission, the youngest camel in the gang, is a rather energetic sleeper. I assumed they all skept crouched down with their ankles tucked under their chest- like a cat. But, oh no, Mission almost dances amongst the stars in his sleep. 

lindsey cole