Fond memories

This time last year I was nearing the end of walking the Rabbit Proof Fence. It was absolutely the best thing I've ever done in my life. Molly's strong, brave and courageous character had inspired me since I read the book in 2007 and thinking of her and what she did gave me the kick up the bottom when I was low after I struggled when my dad died soon after. It took me awhile to process my whole experience along the fence, I've never really dreamed of hanging out with Australian truck drivers before, but because I just didn't want to go home I conjured up the idea of Truck Tales. It was my reaction to how the fence made me feel. It made me feel invincible to be honest, like I could conquer anything. And I gained another incredible life time experience truckin' (thanks Aussie truckies) because of it. I liken the fence to a relationship, like a boyfriend, and the best relationship I've ever had. (Sorry boyfriends). I can't quite believe it's been almost a year. My heart is still swelling when I think about it. I think it always will ❤❤❤

lindsey cole