Urban Mermaid

raising awareness about Plastic pollution whilst Swimming 120 miles down the River Thames, in a mermaid tail

River Thames, UK, 2018

I've enjoyed wandering round this glorious planet. It's been pretty good to me, and I'd like the next generation to enjoy it, just as i have.

Needless to say, I was devastated when whilst learning to free dive in Indonesia, a small piece of plastic cut my hand. At first I thought it was a jellyfish bobbing away, but when I spun around I discovered I was surrounded by hundreds of tiny pieces of plastic out in the middle of the ocean, miles from shore.

Back in Britain, we weren’t much better either for our plastic consumption. As mermaiding is a discipline of free diving I decided to don my mono fin and tail and swam the length of the Thames to show how we’re choking our mermaids.

There are many UK eco warrior brands doing their bit using non-plastic sustainable materials. Below are some who helped support the Urban Mermaid.

If you're a sustainable brand and would like to work together then I'd love to hear from you.


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